Billionaire Banker David Rockefeller Dies At 101!

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David Rockefeller, heir of the legendary Rockefeller oil fortune, bank executive, and philanthropist to many causes, has died at the age of 101. Bank executive, philanthropist and oil fortune heir David Rocke...

Crackhead Took Some Bad Drugs And Started Tweeking Out!

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A Man Running From Police Jumps On Top Of A Semi To Get Away!

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A crazed man on I-94 near Alexandria, MN crashes his car, tries to stop people for a ride until the police show up. He then runs and jumps upon a Semi to get away for a bit longer. Submitted by Charlie Rock

Karma! Girl Gets Leg Ran Over After Trying To Jump A Girl

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Gang Of Muslim Men Beat Up A Woman For Not Wearing Hijab In Public

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Happened in north Africa either Tunisia, Algeria or Morocco. Those three countries have been known to be extremely radicals, and many ISIS fighters including teenage girls (for Sex Jihad) have gone to fight in Syria &...

Man Livesteams His Own Death!

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Rodney Hess, 36, was shot and killed Thursday afternoon in Alamo, Tenn. when authorities said he blocked traffic on the Highway 412 East ramp by parking his car sideways. Authorities said Hess became "erratic" and ...

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